5 Top WordPress Security Plugins For your Website

5 Top WordPress Security Plugins For your Website

WordPress is the most used content management system in the world powering close to a hundred million websites around the globe. Due to its popularity, it puts it at risk of being penetrated by hackers or other evil guys.

WordPress uses one of the most secure frameworks in the world and regularly does security patch updates, WordPress site is still very much exposed to all kinds of security attacks.

So the question you ask, is how do i prevent these attacks? What majors can be taken to avoid being victim of these security attacks?

WordPress team has been actively doing their best to assure the safety of its website by releasing security patches.

However, there are lots of steps you can take on your end as a wordPress user or website owner to secure your website. One of such steps is installing a trusted and reputable WordPress security plugin.

WordPress security plugins are Very important because they bring extra security actions like file scanning, brute force attack protection, malware scanning and lots more.

5 Top WordPress Security Plugins For your Website
5 Top WordPress Security Plugins For your Website

Below is a list of some of the best WordPress security plugins to have installed on your WordPress website.

5 Best WordPress Security Plugins

1. JetPack

For many reasons, JetPack is a popular WordPress plugin. Created by developers from WordPress, JetPack is one of the best WordPress plugin and security investment you can make on your website.

Asides being used as a security plugin, JetPack comes with many features and modules that can be used to improve your website’s speed, social media etc. Let’s focus on the security features of the plugin, though.

JetPack has a number of free and basic useful security features like Brute force attack protection, whitelisting, and other basic security actions like blocking suspicious activity on your website.

There are even more advanced security features that JetPack offers. They include scheduled website backups, malware scanning, real-time backups, on-demand makware scans etc.

While the basic security features of JetPack are available for free, the premium ones could set users back by $99 to $299 per annum. Might be pricey but it is worthy investment.

2. WordFence Security

WordFence is one of the most used security plugin for WordPress websites. The plugin can identify and block more 44,000 types of malware, boasts of over 2 million total installs, and a wide database of malicious websites and IP addresses which it automatically blacklists from accessing your website(s). Other basic features of WordFence include login page protection, brute attack protection, real-time threat defense, and a firewall application.

The paid version comes with advanced security features like an enhanced firewall, geographic protection or country blocking, two-factor authentication, improved spam protection and costs only $99 per year. Depending on the number of websites you intend using WordFence for, price could be discounted to as low as $29 per year.

3. iThemes Security

Formerly known as Better WP Security, iThemes is also a popular WordPress security plugin. Like all other security plugins, it is available both in free (with limited features) and paid version that unlocks more premium security features.

Some key features of iThemes Security include malware scanning, Brute Force attack protection, two-factor authentication, password protection, database backup, website monitoring, file change detection, Google reCAPTCHA integration, 404 detection and many more.

Another fantastic side to iThemes Security is the price. It is affordable and for only $80 per year, you can use all of iThemes Security features for two websites.

4. VaultPress

VaultPress is one of the most affordable security solution available for bloggers and small websites. The heart of VaultPress’ operation is daily and real-time backups — which are achieved easily at the click of a button.

Data scanning, malware protection, and other security features are also available on VaultPress though.

Speaking of affordability, VaultPress will only set users back by $39 only for 365 days of usage.

Should you have extra cash to spare, you can beef up your subscription to either $99 or $299 per year to use the plugin’s more advanced features.

5. Google Authenticator – WordPress Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

Since majority of reported or attempted hacks on WordPress websites have been through logins, Google Authenticator comes in handy as a useful security plugin.

What Google Authenticator does is to add an extra layer of protection to your website’s login module by requesting for some form of futher confirmation (could be a code, pin, QR code, email OTP, or a security question) sent to your phone which, of course, only you have access to during login processes.

This way, an hacker or an infiltrator has to have access to your secondary login tool (your brain or your smartphone) before having unauthorized access to your website.

Google Authenticator also allows you customixr how you’d want to log in to your site: “username + password + two-factor” OR “username + two-factor”.

Though complex, demanding and sometimes confusing, the importance of website security cannot be overstated. The aftermath of a successful data breach or security hack is devastating and traumatizing. To prevent these from happening, investing in a good Word press Security plugin like the ones listed above is a good start.

All the above-mentioned plugins are some of the best WordPress security plugins you should consider using on your site if you don’t have one installed already.

Irrespective of your site’s nature, size and type, as well as your budget you would find one best suited for you and your business — you need it. It is advisable to start out with the free version(s) and upgrade to premium and paid versions as your website grows.

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